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Former Juventus Defender Criticizes Club's Handling of Pogba's Injury and Allegri Return


Former Juventus Defender Criticizes

Former Juventus defender Mark Iuliano criticized the club's management of Paul Pogba's injury and suggested that keeping former coach Maurizio Sarri might have been a better decision. Pogba, who signed with Juventus in the summer, suffered a knee injury during the club's pre-season tour in the United States and initially opted for conservative therapy to be fit for the World Cup. However, this proved unsuccessful, and he eventually underwent an operation in September, which he is still recovering from.

Iuliano expressed disappointment over Pogba's injury, noting that the French midfielder's absence has been felt by the team due to his technical abilities and strength. He also criticized the club's handling of the situation, stating that Pogba should have had the operation immediately instead of opting for conservative therapy.

When asked about current coach Massimiliano Allegri, Iuliano noted that while he supports Juventus regardless of the coach, he believes that the club should have evaluated their options before bringing Allegri back. He also suggested that perhaps Sarri should have been kept instead. Iuliano expressed his support for the return of former Juventus coach Antonio Conte, who he believes would be the right man for the job.

Regarding Juventus' Europa League clash with FC Nantes, Iuliano stated that Juventus is obligated to win, and qualification is the minimum expectation. Finally, Iuliano criticized the FIGC court's decision to deduct 15 points from Juventus this season, calling it "clownishness" and stating that such investigations should be done properly and not rushed.

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